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Cremation eArrangement Websites

Our eArrangement websites let cremation shoppers select merchandise and service options, fill out paperwork and pay online. The leading cremation eArrangement website in America,, did over $1,000,000 in online sales in 2013. Owners love these websites because they achieve:

  • 2% - 10% higher revenue per call than in-office arrangements
  • Lower overhead per call
  • 30-50 mile market radius from funeral home, and more if desired

Why it works
CANA says over 40% of families now choose cremation, growing to 50% in 2018. An independent study commissioned by Batesville in 2008 found that 62% of families who had previously purchased a cremation agreed with the statement "making arrangements does not require the help of a funeral director." Today it's at about 70% who feel this way. Considering those facts alongside the steadily rising number of people who buy goods and services online regularly, it is easy to see why cremation eArrangement is growing so fast.

Decrease Overhead, Increase Sales Average
Won’t families spend less when they arrange online?
No. In fact, on average families spend 2-10% more online than they do when arranging with highly trained and incentivized funeral directors. Why? One, families aren’t worried about being sold something they don’t want. They feel in control so their defenses are down and they investigate what interests them. Two, they must go through every step of the process online and answer every question. The Web site won’t “forget” to show them something. This is wonderful news when the costs in staff time and facility use are far less per call.

Increase in Market Size
Suburban families wanting a traditional service often won’t consider a funeral home more than 15 – 20 minutes away. However, cremation shoppers not interested in services don’t care about distance nearly as much as they care about trustworthiness, credibility and high ethical standards. While price is the most important issue, examples abound of shoppers that paid a little more for the convenience of arranging online with a highly reputable firm. That is why firms with cremation eArrangement websites often pull calls from markets 35-50 miles away, and more if they desire.

Handling Pre-need Payments
There are several ways this can be done, depending on your State’s laws and whether you offer insurance or use a Trust.

Businesses typically recoup the cost of developing a Cremation eArrangement website in 6-18 months. It has been done in as little as 3 months.

FTC Compliant
The statement of Goods and Services that is provided immediately after every purchase, as well as the fact that the shopper clearly sees the price of each item or package they select, and again on a summary page before they buy, keeps you in good standing. Of course a GPL can also be posted anywhere on the website or within the eArrangement area of the website.

Keys to Success

  • A properly ordered user experience on your Web site. From the moment a shopper hits your landing page until they click on the Submit Payment button, a number of things must happen to win trust and earn the sale.
  • Web traffic
  • Packaging structure. Some approaches have prove more effective than others
  • *Other proven keys reserved for FuneralNet clients