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Save 50% to 80% off today's high cemetery prices

Cemetery property in the San Francisco Bay area now averages $4,000 each, not including burial costs. Prices have increased 3500% in certain gardens since 1967. Plots that once sold for $200 are now selling for more than $6,000.

Cemetery Property Resales helps families save thousands off today's high cemetery prices. The average saving is $2,000 per property.

Cemetery Property Resales is a licensed and bonded cemetery brokerage specializing in resales of cemetery property throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. We represent sellers of privately owned cemetery property. Most sellers purchased many years ago and have now moved out of the area, divorced, or changed their minds about their need for arrangements. Whatever the reason, their scenic lawn plots, mausoleum crypts or cremation niches are for sale.

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Since 1996 Cemetery Property Resales has saved Bay Area families over $9,000,000 in cemetery costs. Interested sellers contact us to add your property to our list.


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